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Skin Polish

Skin Polish


Say yes to beautiful glowing skin with our all natural skin polishes. These polishes are available in a variety of scents. 

Tropical smoothie sugar skin polish evokes island vibes and the warm sandy beaches of Fiji! The tropical smoothie skin polish ingredients are also complexion-brightening with delicious hints of mandarin, sugar cane, honeydew, coconut, hibiscus, and vanilla. 


Blemish Blaster - blemish blaster skin polish bath body scrub is perfect for face and body and is made with acne fighting essential oils. This skin polish will leave you moisturized and with regular use will diminish acne. Perfect for after hiking and gym. 


Rose-Geranium - Soothing and replenishing, rose geranium is known as a natural cleanser that treats various skin disorders. Featuring real rose petals, this polish will exfoliate and rebalance your skin, leaving it with a floral fresh scent. Ingredients: Organic sugar, rose petals, rice brain oil and a blend of rose and geranium (nature’s Botox) and essential oils. Can also be used as a nice facial scrub.

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